Inspired by the ancient Chinese art the lacquor work brings out a new meaning
to the decorative pieces of your home with the use of lacquer and creates a
mesmeric effect to the articles in your home . It highlights royalty and great
heritage of your ancestors and elevates the status of people among their guests
and social circle . All the wooden architecture in your home is crafted out
artistically through the use of lacquor work and art .

Vibrant Sky offers great amount of expertise over making your homes pretty
through the use of lacquor work . With the help of Bansi Shanghvi we are able
to prepare solutions and strategies after evaluating each piece of wooden
furniture at your place and employ our creative sensibilities to bring out the
amazing effect of the work to your product.

This work reincarnates your old furniture into completely new form by providing
the lacquer furnish and polish to your products. Our team of consultants also
offer the clients advice and consultancy about various forms of lacquor work
and designs for various products to bring out the significance and rich tapestry
of the art work . We offer customized lacquor paintings that brings glory and
charm to your drawing rooms , offices , living rooms etc .

We conduct various art workshops for school kids , design institute students ,
working professionals etc wherein we teach them and help them in learning this
art . Apart from this we also prepare different products for our customers as per
the interiors and style of their homes so that it can blend properly with the
design and taste of our clients . On the customer’s request we also prepare
special lacquor work products suitable for various occasions and events like
festivals and marriages. We also have customized gifts too made up from
Lacquor art.


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