Stained Glass designs are becoming one of the great options for people who are
looking out to give their homes a contemporary touch . The beautiful designs
and patterns on the glass gives a very enriching outlook on your doors, window
panels, tables etc . With the proper combination of lead and glass you can get a
perfect blend of antique art on the decor of your home.

We at Vibrant Sky offers great consultation and advice to you for restoring the
antique art of stained glass at your homes and also provides services wherein
you can add the tinge of the stained glass work at your home and office. We
have very unique and customized panel designs as per the need of our
customers who are planning to build a new home or are looking for a renovation
of their homes .

With the strategic direction provided by our mentor Bansi Shanghvi we create
wonderful experiences for our customers. Keeping in mind the requirement of
the customers we have designed and fabricated various kinds of skylights ,
window frames , kitchen and bedroom doors etc . These stained glass designs
not only gives style to your homes but also looks after the privacy of your home
, provides complete light in your home casting away the negative energy that
brings bad effects as per the latest Vastu guidelines.

We are also specialized in creating the old heritage designs into new
environments through the use of stained glass work. Our mentor also carry out
time to time workshops on stained glass work at various design schools , offices
, institutes in order to bring out the significance of this beautiful art to the
people .

We also have certain in house products that we offer to our clients at affordable
prices . We also provides services related to damage and repair of glass stained


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