Mother of pearl as the name suggests is the beautiful form of pearls that are
derived for the mollusks of shells known as nacre and used to create decorative
objects . The objects created out from these pretty shells are really very nice and
solves different purposes .

You can create jewellery , expensive ornaments , home decorative pieces ,
personalized gifts , tableware , handicrafts etc through these mother of pearls. It is
a work of art that requires to soulfully use the pearl and we at Vibrant Sky offers
you this artistic work as per your needs.

We also advise a lot of our clients on choosing the right volume of mother of pearl
while they plan out to use it to enhance the beauty of their homes in the form of
various decorative objects like wall tiles , luxury items, silverware etc . We have a
creative designing team that helps in the creation of wall panels, wardrobes and
all kind of furniture ,wall clock and murals etc.

Bansi Shanghvi , is having a lot of experience and knowledge on how to
implement the art of mother of pearl in order to create effective strategy and
methodology to bring out the best piece of art for her customers .She also carry out
different kinds of training sessions in the schools as well as corporate world to
enhance the artistic skill of people in and around the working culture .

On various special occasions , festivals , events people require gifts for their loved
ones and keeping this in mind Vibrant Sky develop certain customized and
personalized designer products that are created by our in house designers to
compliment your gifting gesture towards your loved ones .


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